Wear what you want and ride when when you want with the KATCH. The KATCH is a magnetic clip that will hold your dress or skirt in place when you’re on your bike. For longer skirts, clip front and back together between your knees.  For shorter skirts, put the katch on the front of the skirt – its weight will keep your skirt down.  

The KATCH is available in different colors and fabrics to match your mood and style. After your ride, the KATCH also doubles as a great bracelet. 

So put on a KATCH and ride around town without sharing your business.  


Our Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the KATCH was a success! Thanks so much to everyone who supported us.

We are in the middle of production and should have the KATCH available for purchase on our website and in select stores in June 2014.


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