ARBR Studio is a Phoenix-based design practice focused on creating artfully designed accessories and amenities for urban dwelling, bicycle riding, forward thinking people. Established by artists Aaron Rothman and Rebecca Blume Rothman in 2013, ARBR is dedicated to projects that let people live large with less stuff and less space.

ARBR Studio is rooted in designs that we have created and made for ourselves over the years. We needed a coffee table but could not find one to fit our small living room the way we envisioned. So, we designed and built one. When our daughter was born, we needed a shelf that could fit into a small bedroom and change configurations as she grew up. So, we designed and built that too. When Rebecca started riding her bike to work everyday, we designed a clip to let her ride with skirts and dresses.

At some point, we realized that other people might enjoy these things we’ve made as much as we do, and so ARBR Studio was born. We’re always looking to make it simple at ARBR Studio. We believe that the best design uses minimal material, takes up the least amount of space, looks elegant, is affordable, and is built to last.